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  3D Modeling

A bi-dimensional drawing is very limited in terms of conceptual understanding of the space. Concepts such as volume and deepness, are impossible to perceive in a 2D drawing. The perspective allows the watcher to experiment the building in the closest way to reality with all it's angles and details.

Some of the features that makes the tri-dimensional prototype the best option for the draft stage of any project could be as follow:

  • Volume Analysis linked to the bi-dimensional plan: This allows changes on the tri-dimensional "object" to be stored on the 2D details for constructive blueprints at the same time.

  • Material testing: With this virtual reality technology, you could even digitalize the actual materials and consider their appearance watching the whole picture in the model. This method render a close resemblance of the finished product.

  • The Light Behavior and shadow projection depending on the location of the model and the relationship with several seasons could also be considered thanks to the tools of most 3D software aimed to help designers.

With the tri-dimensional model, the communication with the final customer becomes fluent and accurate, and if the "Selling the idea stage" is still going on, the perspectives or renderings as tri-dimensional models are also known, are definitive to close the deal. The virtual reality is indeed the best way to convey the concept to non trained lay people.

If you want more information about this service, please send us a message and we will be glad to help you.

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