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  Construction Blueprints and Permit Processing

The development of a set of construction blueprints, clear and organized and the gathering of all the required documents for permits to complete a project, are the tasks that define success.

The confection of a set of blueprints, is similar to a book's structure. The front page of the blueprint's set the index or table of contents that shows the location of every detail. By having this information organized, the blueprint's set is a document read fluently by all the resources on the project: the architect, the foreman, and everyone involved.

At we take care of every detail related with your blueprint's set turning it into a real referential document for your project. In the construction process and for future references.

This is crucial for many reasons , but probably, the main reason is that frequently, when the project is done, because of lack of detail, there were left unfinished data in the set of blueprints, or, as happens very often, there were changes done in situ. This means that the set of blueprints does not reflect the physical building any more. If these actions are not well documented, there will be problems in the future for maintenance tasks or remodeling.

If the set of documents is complete and follow every guideline established by the regulatory institutions, the permit documents will represent no problem for the completion of the project.

If you need to complete your set of blueprint's fast and with the best quality, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you with your project.

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