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  Visualization "In Situ"

For a complete experience of the project's Draft, there is a possibility to "travel in time" and visualize the surroundings of the project with the model build on it with a similar finishing to the real resulting building. This give everyone involved in the project the tools to take well founded decisions.

Thanks to CAD(Computer Assisted Design) for every project, there could be created model with detailed similitude representing the exact relationship between volume and space.

Between the service of 3D Modeling and Visualization "In Situ", there is an important difference. In the simple modeling, the volume is elevated from the bi dimensional drawings but without any consideration for the surroundings, limits, volume and position. It is the common option for studying just volume and materials.

In the Visualization "In Situ" option, the volume and materials are analyzed as well, but added to this information, there are photographs referencing the location and the surroundings are used as a natural frame. This type of technique increase the perception of the finished project.

The team of professionals such as engineers, architects and other branches of the design industry, usually do not need this type of visual help because the project lives a lot more detailed in their imagination and no render, as good as it gets these days, could replace that image. However, this tool (virtual model) is needed to convey that concept to the team.

It is here where we enter. We understand the process perfectly and we give you the solution you are looking to communicate with the greatest precision. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to cater to your needs.

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